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After Philadelphia gave Washington a scare on Opening Night, Believe the Hype East Coast Correspondent Roscoe Whalan caught up with second-year French guard, Timothe Luwawu-Cabbarrot who scored 5 points off the bench.

Luwawu-Cabbarrot talked about his role in the second unit, the value of having young guns Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid on the court and how he thinks 76ers fans are the best in the league.

Roscoe Whalan: So, Timothe, first game out there how did you feel?

Timothe Luwawu-Cabbarrot: I felt great. I think, we as a second unit when we are on the court we didn’t do the job on defense but definitely we run and put some pace in the game and ran hard, so that’s what we’re trying to do.

RW: How do you think you played personally?

TLC: Ah, I could’ve done better. Like, hit some shots, like do some better decisions and do better defense – be harder and just harder. I didn’t do a great job on defense and just got to step up from this game.

RW: And as a first test playing against the Wizards, a really great team in the east who made the second round of the playoffs last year, coming into their building and being in the game down the stretch – how good does that set as a barometer for you guys going back to Philly now?

TLC: I think we played really hard. We played really hard and we were there. It’s a great team. We’ve got to give them credit. They were like last year third or fourth – I can’t remember – but they’re a really good team in the Eastern Conference. So we’ve got to be proud of that and just get back to work.

RW: And do you think people are going to underrate Philadelphia now or are they going to take notice of you now – given you’ve got a lot of rookies on the team, a lot of young guys but I think most of them played pretty well tonight?

TLC: I think they have to notice that we just play real good. We’re just going to grow. We’ve got a lot of young players and I think people are going to see that and we’re just going to grow through the year and get better.

RW: And Joel Embiid, for example, on the court he hasn’t played that many games but what kind of presence is he and how much of a difference do you think he makes on the court for your team?

TLC: When he’s on the court like he’s – just in defense he’s great to just like have behind you know like, he’s always got your back, he talks a lot and he’s really vocal so he’s nice to have on the team in defense and in offense.

RW: And what about Ben Simmons as well?

TLC: Oh, the same. He brings more on offense for me like a guard to try and shoot the threes and try to play in transition. Like, he’ll run the ball – always looking to pass it first and so just playing around him is great.

RW: And there was a lot of Philly fans in the crowd tonight and you could hear them. Could you hear them chanting “Trust the Process”?

TLC: Mhm.

RW: What do you think about that?

TLC: Our fans are probably the best in the league so its always nice to play near to Philly. So it’s always nice.

RW: All the best for the season.

TLC: Thank you.



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