Nick Young’s response to what he’d do in a late game situation at GSW is PEAK Swaggy P

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Nick Young could be the most confident player in a league full of confident players.

After years of plying his trade on middle-of-the-road rosters, Young signed with the Golden State Warriors and finally has his shot at winning an NBA Championship.

On a crowded roster including Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green… You’d expect Young would be happy to have some other guys on the team who can take the pressure of him for big shots.

However, Swaggy P gonna Swaggy P.

When asked by Bleacher Report yesterday about what he’d do in a late-game situation with the game on the line, Young had the most Swaggy P resonse that you’d expect.

B/R: Game on the line, you’re open from your favorite spot, but KD and Steph are also both open. Pass or shoot?

NY: Shoot that muthaf–ka, then hit both of them with: “My bad y’all, I didn’t see y’all open. I thought the clock ran out” [laughs].

Man, I hope this actually happens.

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