Report: Derrick Rose to have second meeting with the Milwaukee Bucks

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Free agent Derrick Rose is reportedly set to meet with the Milwaukee Bucks, according to Chris Haynes of ESPN.

Coach Jason Kidd has acknowledged there is ‘mutual interest‘ between the two parties, but the Bucks will have to free up enough salary to make a competitive offer for Rose.

Per Haynes:

“Milwaukee is approximately $1.6 million over the tax. The Bucks have $7.6 million of the full mid-level exception available but can use only $4.4 million to sign a free agent. Exceeding a salary of $4.4 million would trigger the NBA hard cap and restrict the Bucks from exceeding salaries of $125.2 million. Currently, Milwaukee has a payroll of $120.7 million. In order to make a more lucrative proposition, the Bucks have to shed salary via a trade.”

Positionally, the Bucks currently have Matthew Dellaveodva and Rookie of the Year Malcolm Brogdon running the point in tandem.

Would Rose be a good fit for the Bucks, or should they stick with their current point guard duo?

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