Carmelo Anthony reportedly ready to waive no-trade clause for Houston or Cleveland


According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Carmelo Anthony is edging closer to departing New York, with Cleveland and Houston the nominated destinations.

A move to either squad would see him united with at least one of his Banana Boat buddies, with Chris Paul now a member of the Houston Rockets and of course LeBron James in Cleveland.

Woj notes that the Knicks aren’t interested in taking a significant contract in return, in particular the $61 million owed to Houston’s Ryan Anderson over the next three seasons.

Anthony still holds all the leverage in this situation, forcing the Knicks to find a deal that works for everybody.

At 33 years-old, Melo can still put the ball in the hoop better than most people alive, averaging 22.4 points per game last season. Turning him into an off-ball spot up threat on either squad would add real firepower to both teams looking for playoff success.

Banana boat…ASSEMBLE!


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