Lil B apologizes to James Harden & is ready to end the curse after Spurs eliminate the Rockets

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It looks like The Based God’s curse on James Harden is going to be over soon.

Lil B took to Twitter shortly after the Houston Rockets were eliminated by the San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference Semi Finals and apologized to Harden whilst offering to break some bread and end the Based God’s curse on him.

The cursed Harden finished the game with 10 points off 2-for-11 shooting to go along with six turnovers.

If you don’t remember, Lil B put the curse on Harden for unauthorized use of his cooking dance in May 2015. The curse was briefly lifted over the following summer, but after Harden posted a pic of him doing the dance on Instagram, the Based God had no choice but to put the curse back on.

With the curse lifting imminent, put all of your money on the Houston Rockets to make the NBA Finals next year.*



*but don’t @ us if you lose your money.

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