WATCH: Russell Westbrook says he DGAF about his 51-point triple double in Playoff loss

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Russell Westbrook dropped the first ever 50-point Playoffs triple-double, finishing the game with a crazy 51 point 14 rebound and 10 assist stat line.

However, Russ’ game wasn’t good enough to give the Thunder the win as they went down 115-111 to fall behind 2-0 in their Western Conference First Round match-up.

In the post game presser, a reporter asked Russ to grade his performance, and he told the reporter what he REAAAALLLLY thought in the most Russell Westbrook way ever.

“I don’t give a f*** about the line, we lost.” Westbrook said.

Westbrook was amazing in the first three quarters of the game, but finished 4-18 from the field as the game came to a close, with James Harden and the Rockets closing in on the Thunder’s double digit lead.

James Harden finished the game with 35 points, 4 rebounds and 8 assists.

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