“Take that for data!” – Dave Fizdale pops off at the officiating in Spurs v Grizzlies Game 2


Memphis Grizzlies coach David Fizdale just had a rant for the ages, calling out the terrible officiating in Game 2 of the San Antonio Spurs v Grizzlies Playoff series.

The Spurs went onto win the game 96-82 and won the foul count 13-22.

In the rant, Fizdale touches on the “poorly officiated basketball game” with points about Mike Conley, who’s had no technical fouls in his entire NBA career not getting the respect from the referees that his coach thinks he deserves, Zach Randolph not getting to the line once, whilst Kawhi Leonard got to the line 19 times, the discrepancy between shots in the paint and free throws between the two teams, also the overall discrepancy of free throws between both teams – with Memphis having 15 free throws for the game vs the Spurs having 32.

It’s an all-time great rant, finishing with Fizdale yelling out “take that for data!” and storming out of the press conference.

Whether you agree with Fizdale’s comments or not, we can all agree that a fine will definitely be hitting his inbox tomorrow.

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