There’s a legend walking amongst us who’s sending potatoes to NBA players

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A couple of days ago, BTH reported that there was a Dirk Nowitzki superfan who sent him this awesome potato with his picture on it.

However, in the essence of following up a very important story. We can confirm that this isn’t just a Dirk superfan, but a bloody legend who’s sending potatoes out to a number of NBA players and athletes.

After Dirk posted his photo on Instagram, a number of other NBA players have posted photos thanking this person for their starchy efforts and generosity.

Today, Kevin Durant posted this picture with a message of support from the legend.

Hassan Whiteside received this potato with a picture of himself and DJ Khaled on it:

Frank Kaminsky, who sorta looks like Mr Potato Head (but in a good way), received this potato:

Even C.J. Miles has got some potato praise:

It looks like these potatoes have been sent by the owners of internet potato messaging company Potato Parcel, Alex Craig and Riad Bekhit as they sent out this tweet claiming that it’s their work.

When speaking to USA Today, Bekhit said that they sent 150 potatoes out – that’s one for every starter in the NBA.

“I’m a fan of the NBA. There’s a lot going on with injuries, Dirk scoring 30,000 points — I wanted to congratulate him — and the playoffs are coming soon,” Bekhit said.

“I just wanted to send potatoes to the players. The thing is we didn’t just send it to Dirk. We sent it to a few players and he was the first one to post it.”

Not all heroes wear capes.

I’m sure that there’ll be more potato photos coming online soon.

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