WATCH: Joe Ingles Reflects on Andrew Bogut’s Freak Injury, Talks about Playing Key Role in Playoff Push



Jazz forward Joe Ingles spoke with reporters in Cleveland following a 91-83 loss to the Cavaliers on March 16.

Ingles got out to a hot start, leading the game with nine points in the first quarter.

He finished with 12 points on the night and the Jazz fell victim to a dominant performance by LeBron James, who took over the game with 17 points in the fourth quarter, while Cavalier teammates Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love and Iman Shumpert could not finish the game due to various reasons related to injuries.

Ingles credited LeBron’s performance, but didn’t feel it was an all-around bad night.

“He’s obviously tough… Other nights we’ve done a better job. Tonight, not so well, but at the end of the day, we still had a chance and were still in the game with three or four minutes to go,” he said.

“We still held them to 90-something points or whatever it was… It’s definitely not the end of the world and we’re not going to lose too much sleep over it.”

Ingles also talked about his friend and Boomer teammate Andrew Bogut, who suffered dreadful fractured tibia, which resulted in his 2016-17 season coming to an abrupt end on the night of his Cleveland Cavaliers debut.

Ingles remarked that he invited Bogut to come watch the Jazz-Cavs game in Cleveland, but Bogut, understandably wasn’t in the mood.

Watch below, as Ingles gave his thoughts to BTH about Bogut’s injury, along with what it’s like playing in a race for home court advantage in the Western Conference Playoffs.

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