Some fan sent Dirk Nowitzki an actual potato in the mail & he loves it

@Swish41 on twitter

Usually when I head to the mailbox, I receive bills. Just lots of bills. The occasional parking fine, but mainly just bills.

Along with bills, and parking fines, famous people and athletes often receive some weird stuff in the mail from their fans. But, I don’t think anything compares to what Dirk Nowitzki received in the mail this week. An actual potato with a cut-out image of himself on it.

Judging by his tweet, Dirk seemed super psyched and happy to receive this weird potato. I’m sure it’s something that he’ll cherish until the potato goes off in a few weeks.

Initially I thought that this would have been sent by a superfan in Germany. But, it’ll probably be someone in the USA. Ain’t no way that a potato is getting through US Customs.

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