1-3 Advantage Podcast: Salary Cap Challenge


It’s that time of the week again where Ben and Tim sit down to discuss some of the NBA’s hottest topics and story lines, but be warned, this marathon is not for the faint hearted. This week, the salary cap is the main focus of our musings.

A slight change in the format sees the guys run through all the results from the last week with specific focus on a few interesting games, concluding with a look at the standings and the cluster of teams clamouring for playoff seeding in both conferences.

Next, the recent injury toll of the NBA has hit the product of the game hard, with some of the sport’s biggest stars like Kevin Durant, Kyle Lowry and Joel Embiid all struck down with ailments. The guys look at how the Warriors will cope without KD and whether the Raptors free fall without Lowry.

There has been a spate of roster movement and shuffling even after the trade deadline so Tim gives us a rundown of all the latest 10 day contract signings, as well as some bigger free agent movements through waivers and buyouts, such as Deron Williams, Matt Barnes, Brandon Jennings and Andrew Bogut.

Finally, a fun exercise as the marathon nears its ending, with the lads tasked with creating the best possible NBA roster using a third of the salary cap (32 million). Specific rules apply which are laid out by Ben as the guys debate some of the best bargain value contracts in the NBA, and whether their respective patchwork rosters can beat the dregs of the league and make a playoff push.

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