WATCH: Kristaps Porzingis punks Kawhi Leonard with this block from beind


After giving up nine offensive rebounds in the first quarter, it looked like this wasn’t going to be the New York Knicks night on the defensive as they host the San Antonio Spurs.

However, in the second quarter, it looked like they found some rare defensive effort as Kristaps Porzingis did something that not many guys have on their resume – humiliate Kawhi Leonard.

With 6:24 left in the second quarter, Kristaps found himself guarding Kawhi as he was driving to the basket. Kawhi beats Kristaps who then uses his go-go-gadget arms to block the Spurs star from behind.

It’s not often that someone gets the better of Leonard… But there also aren’t many people in the league left that haven’t been blocked by Porzingis.

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