All-Star 2017

Russell Westbrook & Kyrie Irving will serve as GM’s for the DewNBA3x All-Star Game


3 on 3 basketball has been going through a huge growth period lately. According to FIBA, 3×3 is the world’s largest urban sport and the two major leagues,  the FIBA 3×3 Tour and the DewNBA3x tour have grown incredibly over the last few years.

The 2016 DewNBA3x Tour  may have finished in Los Angeles on the 22-23 October, but now some of the stars of that tour are going to be thrusted into the National Spotlight thanks to the DewNBA3x All-Star showcase.

Today, Mountain Dew, the NBA and TNT announced that Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook will serve as GM’s for the game, Shaquille O’Neal and Dennis Scott will act as coaches and scouts for the teams whilst former NBA players Jason Williams and Baron Davis will serve as team captains.

The best amateur players from across the United States are currently going head-to-head in 1 on 1 combines to try and get their spot in the event. Mountain Dew is currently releasing a six part series documenting the journey and showcasing how the players, coaches and GMs are qualifying and preparing for All Star 2017 in New Orleans.

The showcase will air on TNT Sat Feb. 18 6pm EST as a lead-in to the All-Star Saturday Night coverage.

Here’s the first episode of the six part series:

Here’s the full information about the event:

Teams: Following a six-city tour of DewNBA3X, ten of the best elite amateur basketball players in the nation will compete in a 1-on-1 combine in order to head to New Orleans to play for the best in the game including NBA All-Stars Russell Westbrook and Kyrie Irving, who will act as GMs, along with NBA legends Shaquille O’Neal and Dennis Scott, who will serve as the coaches of the teams

In addition, former NBA stars Jason Williams and Baron Davis will play in the game, serving as team captains.

TV Airing: During All Star Weekend, DEW will be creating the ultimate intersection of sports and culture by bringing 3-on-3 basketball to a national stage, with a 30-minute special about the competition airing on Sat. Feb. 18 at 6pm EST on TNT leading into All-Star Saturday Night coverage.

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