1-3 Advantage Podcast: Australia Day Special

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It’s the day of beers and barbecues as Ben and Tim get together to talk about the rarest breed of NBA basketballer, the feared Australian, as the guys present their Australia Day special.

Known for toughness and grit, the guys give a rundown of how each Aussie in the league has fared so far this season, as well as their main talking points and a couple of ring ins. There’s talk of impending free agencies, invites to All-Star weekend and potential franchise changing players. A little bit of trivia is played as the guys reveal what city has produced the most #1 overall draft picks, and even a sprinkling of past and future Olympic discussion and hopes.

What better way to spend the most revered day on the Down Under calendar than sinking a few tinnies and listening to a couple of uneducated bogans prattle on about rough breeds of invincible men for an hour and a half. Sounds like a good deal to me.

The 1-3 Advantage is a podcast presented by Believe The Hype featuring Ben Quagliata and Tim Wray. You can follow the podcast on Twitter @13AdvPod and the hosts @QuagSport and @TRW24. Subscribe to the 1-3 Advantage on iTunes so you never miss an episode.

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