WATCH: Andrew Bynum fails miserably to tip-in this rebound during a pick-up game


Andrew Bynum has really been enjoying his life after basketball. He’s been travelling the world watching Formula 1, experimenting with various hairstyles, chugging beers at the NBA Finals and livin’ it up at Six Flags.

Recently he’s even had some time to hit the basketball court and get some pick-up runs on his legs.

However, the former NBA All-Star probably has a bit of work to do to become the king-of-the-court at his local Y, during a recent run he failed miserably to tip-in this rebound, on more than one occasion, before losing the ball to a much smaller guy.

Despite this, It’s good to see Andrew Bynum back on a basketball court. Seriously. The NBA has died just a little bit without the two-time NBA Champion on the hardwood.

Lets just hope he gets some more reps up before he comes back to this court for revenge.

Check out more from Bynum’s pick-up game here:

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A post shared by David Aleman (@mr_hard_work_n_dedication) on


A post shared by David Aleman (@mr_hard_work_n_dedication) on

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