LeBron James told Kyle Korver exactly what he wants to do when he gets the ball


Kyle Korver, who was acquired by the Cleveland Cavaliers via a trade earlier on this week will play his first game for the defending champions tomorrow against the Utah Jazz.

Korver has a pretty simple role to play on his new team, according to LeBron James – get buckets.

“First thing I told him when he walked into the locker room the other day was if you want to fit in, shoot the ball every time you get it,” LeBron James told reporters at training today.

“Shoot the ball as soon as it touches your hands. Shoot it. We don’t care.”

That’s a green light if I’ve ever seen one. In fact, LeBron went onto say that Korver has the “ultra-green light” and a license to shoot whenever he damn wants.

Korver is shooting 40.9% from three this season and is a career 42% three-point shooter. When open, he’s one of the deadliest players in the NBA, shooting 49% from beyond-the-arc when he’s left alone.

That ‘ultra-green light’ is going to equal a helluva lot of buckets in The Q.

Via: Fear The Sword

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