Zaza Pachulia is again leading the All-Star voting because none of y’all can be trusted


The Golden State Warriors have every right to think they’ll have four All-Stars this season, but now it looks like they may have FIVE.

Yep, big man Zaza Pachulia is again stacking votes at a ridiculous rate, because either the nation of Georgia has stood up once again…OR setting B+ screens and fumbling the ball at the rim is now an elite NBA skill.

Either way, dis is hilarious.

Zaza has nearly 440,000 All-Star votes, second only in the West frontcourt to Kevin Durant and well ahead of Kawhi Leonard, Anthony Davis, and Boogie Cousins.

To make matters even funnier, he has more votes than Blake Griffin, Marc Gasol, Karl-Anthony Towns, and LaMarcus Aldridge COMBINED.

The Warriors really are a superteam.

In other news, Joel Embiid’s social media savvy has him on track to go to the game.

If only the fans still controlled the whole vote, we’d have the game we deserve.

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