VIDEO: Delly fools customers, works undercover at Panera Bread


Matthew Dellavedova’s championship week has been full of fun, from riding roller coasters at Cedar Point, hosting a beer pong tournament at his house and of course the Cavs wild street parade.

After winning an NBA titl with the Cavse, Delly is in the top 15 most popular people in Cleveland, maybe top 3 behind LeBron and Kyrie, so going undercover working at a sandwich spot was probably not going to fool anyone.

Under the disguise of a hat and glasses, ‘Hugh’ did manage to trick a few customers, before everyone blinked and went ‘Hey, isn’t that the guy who throws lobs to Tristan Thompson?’ The jig was up pretty quickly.

The Cavs point guard was involved in a promotional “Dinner with Delly” event, where a lucky group got to dine in at Panera with the NBA Champ.

After announcing he will be releasing his own signature sneaker with Peak, the endorsements keep rolling in.

via: Bleacher Report

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