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“Only person that’s got more Kobe’s than me is Kobe” – DeMar DeRozan

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Yesterday at Team USA mini-camp, Believe The Hype’s Jamieson Welsh caught up with DeMar DeRozan for a chat about his preparation for the upcoming season, being in the Team USA environment and his awesome shoe-game.

When it comes to his killer shoe game, DeRozan let Jamieson know about just how hooked up he is with Nike when it comes to getting his hands on Kobe shoes:

“Only person that’s got more Kobes than me is Kobe.”

Jamieson: More than Nick Young? More than anybody else?

“Yeah yeah yeah. Nobody’s got more Kobe’s than me.”

Gotta love NBA players trying to one-up each other in their shoe game. DeRozan joins a long list of NBAers claiming to have the best shoe collection in the league, slash the best collection of a certain type of shoe.

Last season, DeRozan took his love of Kobe’s to the next level, starting a social media contest where he asked his fans on Twitter to log onto NIKEiD and design pairs of Kobe 9’s for him to wear on court.

DeRozan said that he’ll be doing that competition again this year, but better.

“Even when I did that last year, it was just something that I thought about.” DeRozan said.

“One morning I woke up… I had the Nike guys and I was saying that I just wanted to try something fun. That was more fun than anything, I think this time around I’m going to really take it more seriously.”

Sole Collector: DeRozan's Team USA Kobe's are on point.

Sole Collector: DeRozan’s Team USA Kobe’s are on point.

A good reason why DeRozan may take the competition more seriously next year could be because he, like a lot of other NBA players past and present, don’t like doubling up on shoes.

“Me personally, I can’t play in the same shoe twice. During the season I’m going to go through at least 60 pairs of shoes.”

Hear the full interview with DeRozan here:



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