Alonzo Mourning still uses a flip-phone, you guys


Yep, that’s right. Alonzo Mourning doesn’t care about you all & your obsessive internal battles between whether you should get an iPhone 5, Windows Phone or a Samsung Galaxy 5s. He’s straight balling with a Motorola phone straight outta 2004. His phone has as much internal memory as that Instagram video you just uploaded of your cat playing with a shoelace.

After vision of him, on his flip-phone (probably playing solitaire), sitting next to Pat Riley during the Heat’s 104-90 loss to the Brooklyn Nets today surfaced, the internet went abuzz with the startling revelation that Mourning doesn’t care about modern smart-phone technology.

Even his wife, Tracy entered into the conversation to let us know just how adamant Zo is to keep living life like 3G doesn’t exist…

Mourning, who doesn’t use social media… has also weighed in on the situation through his wife:

Never change, Zo. Ever, ever.

via: SBNation

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