Instagrammys – Week 18 – LeBron James & Kevin Durant


LeBron James & Kevin Durant’s rivalry has really heated up since the NBA Finals last season.

#believethehype has heard speculation that during their off-season training camp, LBJ & KD took part in a high stakes game of Old Maid with the winner being able to pick a guy from the others team to be traded to an NBA cellar dweller… LBJ won & now James Harden’s playing in Houston.

The deal was supposed to make the losing guy’s team worse… However, OKC have got better… LeBron feels that Durant may have “tanked” to ensure that the Thunder got stronger…

Now it’s payback time…


When questioned by #believethehype insiders at his OKC loft, Durant allegidly said “don’t play a player.”

Something tells me, this battle has only just begun…


Credit: @YoungPepDash & @HD_Paul

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