Mamba v D12 – The Rematch


There have been reports over the last week suggesting that Kobe Bryant & Dwight Howard engaged in a heated altercation after the Lakers 103-99 Loss to the Philadelphia 76ers on New Years Day. Both Dwight, Kobe & their coach Mike D’Antoni have come out recently dismissing these rumors.

Then today, Kobe tweeted the above picture of him & Dwight lining eachother up over D’Antoni.


So what can we take from this? Well, us at #believethehype take from this tweet by Kobe that they did in-fact have an altercation after the 76ers match & are now looking for a 2nd bout to settle the score.

Benyam & I are not only NBA Podcasters, but also fight promoters & have sold our services to the two NBA All Stars. We’ve already secured their coach & leader Mike D’Antoni to be in the middle of this in the black & white referee outfit… That’s an exciting prospect.

Most main venues for bouts are in fact booked up for the rest of the year. So just like Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier & George Forman’s “Rumble in the Jungle” & “Thriller in Manila”… We’re looking at taking these fights to some exotic locations. Here are some of the options…

Option 1 – The Melee By The Sea – Koopa Troopa Beach

Is there a more exotic location than Mario Kart’s Koopa Troopa Beach? Since Nintendo 64’s downfall, KTB has rarely been used as a venue for major sporting events. Look at this fight to announce KTB’s resurgence back into relevancy.


Option 2 – The Clash at Dash – New York

What better way to combine some of America’s most newsworthy people? The Los Angeles Lakers & The Kardashian’s combining for a major “must see” event is a guaranteed moneymaker & would become the biggest event in New York for 2013. Kanye West could even be slated in to sing the national anthem.


Option 3 – Murder On The Dancefloor – Unknown European Club

The most played song in Europe in 2002 was Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s “Murder on the Dancefloor”. It’s still a track that get’s the people saying “oh yeah, I remember that song” around the continent to this day… By recreating the video clip & staging a fight in the middle of it, Kobe, Dwight & Sophie would be looking at staging career comebacks by combining an old & not so-relevant tune with an old & no so-relevant NBA team.

Basically, the only way that SEB’s career & the Lakers season can go is up.


Option 4 – The Malace in Buckingham Palace – London

The Malice at the Palace of Auburn Hills between the Detroit Pistons & the Indiana Pacers in 2004 was possibly the biggest fight in US team-sports history. It would be good to see Kobe & Dwight piggy back of it’s success in another country.

It’s no secret that the British economy has slowed down recently. In conjunction to this, after the Royal Wedding, Queens Jubilee & Olympic Games in 2011 & 2012, London’s potentially about to see a tourism lull with no major events on the immediate horizon. So, to kick start this, securing “Kobe v Dwight II” is a must.


Option 5 – The Altercation at the Station – London

Another option for London, England is Kings Cross Station’s Platform 9 3/4. I’m sure that the Wizards’ Council would be happy to gain some much needed exposure for their main travel platform to Hogwarts by securing a boxing match that could the rival box office takings of the final Harry Potter movie.


Well, there you have it… Now let’s just wait & see where this fight will finally take place.

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