Robert Sacre on his Dance Moves


Today, Robert Sacre spoke to Ben Bolch of the Los Angeles Times about his now renowned sideline bench antics, this was what he had to say:

“Right from Game 1, I think people started being like, ‘What are you doing?’ ” Sacre said. “I really was just like, ‘I’m just having fun.'”

Where did Sacre get his moves?

“I learned a little bit from Yosemite Sam,” he said, referring to the cartoon outlaw from “Looney Tunes.” “He has those guns shooting up in the air, but other than that, really I just freestyle and go with it and get super excited when they make a great play.”

Well, there you go… Sacre’s moves are inspired by everyone’s favourite Tune Squad “shooting” guard Yosemite Sam…

Sacre’s routine definitely is inspiring & unique. Even JaVale’s 3pt celebration doesn’t compare to what Sacre puts out on a night-by-night basis.

I’m definitely pulling for him to be included in the NBA Rising Stars Challenge at All Star Weekend. Not necessarily for him to get on the court, but you can’t tell me that the game wouldn’t be more exciting with him riding the pine along with all the other NBA Rookie/Sophs. I can see it now, a Ricky Rubio to Kenneth Faried Alley-Oop with Sacre going wild on the sideline.

In other, less newsworthy Sacre news, My jersey finally arrived in the mail! I may have ordered it in October, almost forgot about it, then got pleasantly surprised when it arrived over 2 months after the NBA said it would!

There’s a good chance I’m the only guy in Australia who has one of these bad-boys in his rotation…


if you haven’t seen #believethehype’s Robert Sacre Tribute video, click here to have a look!

To read the rest of the LA Times article, click here! (our video gets a mention)


Furthermore, in other Sacre news, it’s good to see he’s still taking part in his Rookie duties… I imagine Metta World Peace would be a repeat & regular offender of the luxuries that rookies can give their vets:


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