Kyrie Irving’s Christmas Drama…

Kyrie Irving’s Christmas didn’t really start as planned… In the early hours of the morning… This photo wound up on his Instagram account with the quote “Turn the fuck up! @vuhjynasaurus @heartgarcia


As soon as he saw the photo, Kyrie deleted it & went into damage control due to the fact that he has a girlfriend, Natalia Garibotto. Natalia is about 10hours away from Cleveland spending Christmas in Brazil & would have been shocked to see his man cutting around with two female fans “Vuhjynasaurus” & “heartgarcia”.

He tweeted thiese series of tweet post the leaked photo:


Reports have it that the two girls had set Kyrie up… after having the innocent photo taken, they stole his phone & uploaded it themselves without his knowledge.

It looks like Kyrie’s girlfriend isn’t mad at Kyrie… just disappointed, at the attention this has received. She tweeted this:



Well, at least we found two reasons why Cleveland fans prefer Kyrie Irving to LeBron James!

Merry Christmas Kyrie!

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1 Comment

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