Christmas on the Hardwood: Presents


Well, it’s almost Christmas time… Us at #believethehype have contacted 20 of the NBA’s best personalities & have asked them what they want under their tree this holiday season. We’ve contacted Santa & are working around the clock to make sure that their Christmas wishes come true…

Check out what they said:

  1. Patty Mills – Vegemite
  2. Kobe Bryant – A win against New York
  3. Luke Walton – to see someone tweet “Luke Walton #NBABallot”
  4. Jeremy Lin – A time machine so he can travel back in time to February 2012.
  5. Russell Westbrook – GQ to re-write their list of the 25 most stylish men of the year article… Westy sat pretty at 24th, with Dwyane Wade at 12th & Tyson Chandler at 8th… Reports suggest that the self proclaimed “Fuhrer of Style” is furious that two of his minions were ranked higher.
  6. Delonte West – a contract, or better yet, just the chance that Gloria & him can have the whole family together for Christmas.
  7. Metta World Peace – Tickle Me Elmo, no… wait… A Tonka Truck., no… wait… A Nintendo Wii U, no… wait… A Razor Scooter, no… wait… Lego Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle, no… wait… Bounce Bounce Tigger, no… wait… Flyline Air Racer, no… wait… A Hotwheels Wall Track, no… wait… Bayblades, no… wait… Nerf Laser Tag, no… wait… DEFINITELY the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Secret Sewer Playset.
  8. Deron Williams – To see the back of Kris Humphries & never have to play with him again
  9. Larry Sanders – A new fixie bike
  10. Jose Calderon – An American Working Visa
  11. Steph Jackson – To appear on the next 2 Chainz Album
  12. Grant Hill – Sprite
  13. Lamar Odom – His groove back
  14. John Wall – Some Magic beans to help him be “Injury Free before One-Three”
  15. Iam Mahinmi – A Post Game
  16. Steph Curry, Rudy Gay, Josh Smith & James Harden – A spot in the All Star Game
  17. Tony Parker – A Christmas Eve bash at Nueve Nightclub with every single model from the Victoria’s Secret Catalogue plus every women who is a 9 or above that has ever looked twice at him.
  18. Andray Blatche – For people to take him seriously
  19. JaVale McGee – See “Andray Blatche”
  20. Andrew Bynum – The lead role in the next Barbershop movie.
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