Tyson Chandler hammers Jeremy Lin

jeremylintysonchandlerThey may have hugged earlier… but once the whistle sounds, all bets are off.

Jeremy Lin & Tyson Chandler were once team-mates & borderline best friends… But all was forgotten today when Linsanity returned to Madison Square Garden where his Rockets defeated the Knicks 109-96 off the back of Lin’s 22pts & 8asts & James Harden’s 28pts 10rbs.

Late in the 2nd Quarter, with the Rockets up by a comfortable 8pts, Lin drove to the lane only to be met by the full force of Chandler’s elbow in the “flagrant foul heard around the world”.

In February last year, when Linsanity took over Manhattan & then the world, Lin, Chandler & Landry Fields became besties & adopted the name “The Smart Triangle”

All seems to have been forgotten now… Firstly Chandler said that his old mate couldn’t lead a team after he signed with the Rockets:

“Jeremy was a young point guard who was inexperienced, who brought a great light to the organization. But as far as being able to run the offense and putting players in the right position he just wasn’t there. We got some veteran point guards that are capable of doing that.”

…and now this.

Check it out:

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