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Gangnam Style – Atlanta Hawks


The Atlanta Hawks have entered the NBA Gangnam Style race with this time-out performance by their mascot – Harry the Hawk.

Whilst I only give it a 2.5 for Video creativity, 6 for execution, they get 10 for individuality… Purely due to the fact that they remixed Gangnam Style & broke the song down for the final phase of the performance…

Also of note, Harry seemed visibly “unhappy-with-it” when a referee walked straight through his performance.

Unfortunately, this performance is still quite far off the pacesetters of Denver, Dallas & Indiana. However, there is potential for Atlanta to make a late move up the Gangnam Style Power Rankings later on in the season.

The one thing that could have made Atlanta’s entry into the Power Rankings higher, would have been somehow incorporating Al Horford’s cousin

Check it out:

1 Comment

1 Comment

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