Spare a thought for the NBA’s non-Amercians this Thanksgiving


The NBA is now a global sport. There is a record tying 84 Players born overseas suiting up in NBA Uniforms this season. Today is Thanksgiving, a great American tradition & an awesome day. Whilst all the US Born players are spending time with their loved ones, or helping out in gourmet soup kitchens like Deron Williams, lets spare a thought for the growing list of International NBA Players & see what they are up to on this great day…

Enes Kanter

Not everyone wants to have turkey for Thanksgiving lunch… Enes Kanter went to IHOP for some awesome Thanksgiving Pancakes… After one pancake too many, he found out he was Telekinetic! Expect him to not miss a shot for the rest of the season & Utah win the NBA Championship… You’ve been warned.

Victor Claver

Whilst everyone else in the United States is glued to various NFL games, Spaniard Victor Claver’s spending today making sure that TBS doesn’t go bankrupt by watching the Thanksgiving Friends Marathon… Good Job Victor.

Patty Mills

According to his tweet, Patty must be home-sick today.

You must be pretty desperate to want to listen to Soctty & Nige… They are possibly the worst Radio duo that Australia have ever pulled together. Unless you live or have been to Canberra you would have probably never heard of them… Patty, let’s keep it that way.

Alexey Shved

On his first ever Thanksgiving, Minnesota Timberwolves Russian rookie sensation Alexey Shved’s spending today just chilling out at the skate park with his bros…

Danilo Gallinari

Danilo’s desperately trying to fit in with his American counterparts today…

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American #believethehype listeners & readers! Hope you all have a great day, stay safe & spare a thought for all of us not from your country who can’t have an awesome day of stuffed Turkey!

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