The Great Throwback Race

The Great Throwback Race!

In Episode 51, Benyam Kidane & Tom Read launched “The Great Throwback Race!

The Race is a competition is to find the next interview guest for the show, raise some money for charity & have some fun during the journey to find this person.

The rules are simple, the player:

  • Can’t be a Superstar
  • Not connected to a TV Network
  • Can’t be in financial difficulties
  • Not in jail
  • Initial contact along the search must be done via phone & not Twitter or email.

Every week Tom & Benyam will check in on the podcast allowing listeners to hear all phone conversations had along the way on the search.

In Episode 51, Tom & Benyam chose the other competitors former NBAer to find.

Tom chose “Big Dog” Glenn Robinson for Benyam. Robinson was selected with the #1 Draft Pick out of Purdue in the 1994 NBA Draft by the Milwaukee Bucks. He also played for the Atlanta Hawks, Benyam’s Philadelphia 76ers & won an NBA Championship with the San Antonio Spurs in 2005.

Benyam chose Kenny “Sky” Walker for Tom. Walker was New York’s 5th pick in the 1986 NBA Draft. He is a former NBA Slam Dunk champion & also spent some time with the Atlanta Hawks & overseas in Spain, Japan & Italy.

The boys also chose a charity to play for each, aiming to raise $1,000 each along the way. Tom is playing for SIDS & Kids whilst Benyam is playing for The National Breast Cancer Foundation.

You can donate to each cause by clicking below:

Come join us every week on our quests to find these stars of the past & raise some money for charities close to our hearts along the way!!!!

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