Nando De Colo hits a game winner

After just yesterday, speaking in depth with Sam Meyerkopf from Euroleague Adventures in Episode 47 of #believethehype, about Nando De Colo & the other NBA European Rookies… De Colo comes out & produces a clutch game winner.

The game started awkwardly for De Colo as he awkwardly had to be told how to check into a game.

However, it started off in a bad place, but it finished good as Tony Parker drew up a play for his national teammate & friend with 0.6secs left on the shot-clock & the game tied at 99-99.

#believethehype sources have told us that Gregg Popovic on seeing the play that Parker drew up for his rookie team-mate said, “De Colo? haha… YOLO”.

Is this a sign of things to come? He certainly has been known to not be scared to take the big shots in Europe & for the French National Team.

Check it out:

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