Gee-ing Up in the Past

Geeing-Up in the Past – Where to Next?

In Episode 42 of #believethehype, Tom & Benyam purchased an iPhone App – Time Travel 2.0 allowing them to travel back in time & record podcasts from historical NBA weeks.

In their first “Geeing-Up in the Past” Episode, the boys travelled back to the 22nd December 2006 where they reported on Benyam’s first week at University which was also in the same week as Kobe Bryant’s historical 81 point game against the Toronto Raptors & all the other major NBA news from that week!

Now the boys are considering where they should travel to next, but they need your help! Check out the poll below & you can vote where you want Tom & Benyam to travel to in the next fun-filled “Geeing-Up in the Past” adventure podcast.

Polling will close in a couple of weeks & then after Benyam & Tom will travel back to the era & record a podcast!

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1 Comment

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